“I felt my phone slip from my awkwardly positioned fingers—it hung for a moment at the end of my ear bud cord, like a bungee jumper moments before his cord snaps—and then I painfully watched as it tumbled over the curb in a sudden whirl of annihilation.

The back glass panel shattered, and so did […]

There are much disinformation about iPhone repair on the internet.

There are currently a few options for fixing a screen:

iPhone replacement by Apple which costs $200-$300 (you will get a refurbished phone back)
iCracked Hawaii repairs your phone, which costs $100.
A do-it-yourself replacement kit from iCracked, $65.
A do-it-yourself kit on Amazon/eBay costs $15.

Whoa!   What’s the difference between […]

If you are like so many cellphone, smartphone, iPhone owners I know, if you haven’t suffered the dropped iPhone in water syndrome yet, chances are you will soon.

That sounds pretty negative, but it is so darn common that it is almost a national joke by now.

As you probably already know, there are almost an endless […]

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