There are much disinformation about iPhone repair on the internet.

There are currently a few options for fixing a screen:

iPhone replacement by Apple which costs $200-$300 (you will get a refurbished phone back)
iCracked Hawaii repairs your phone, which costs $100.
A do-it-yourself replacement kit from iCracked, $65.
A do-it-yourself kit on Amazon/eBay costs $15.

Whoa!   What’s the difference between the $65 kit and the $12 one?  Clearly something is awry…

If you read the Amazon comments about the $12 kit and they were all very positive reviews.  Except for one that said “yes, you get exactly what is advertised. ” What was advertised is that you receive a piece of glass that is the same size as the iPhone glass. What you don’t get is everything else needed to actually make it work.

The iPhone “screen” is really 3 layers: a glass front panel, a digitizer which is attached to the glass panel, and an LCD which sits behind the top 2 layers.  The glass panel, digitizer, LCD panel, and bezel come as a single part. They are never separate and are fused together. It is impossible to replace just one part, the entire assembly must be replaced. So for those adventurous enough to do it yourself, make sure you have the right parts, and the right tools. And if you are planning to do your own iPad, lets just say if you are even partially on the fence, just make an appointment to save yourself a lot of money, headache, and your iPad!

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